For nearly 50 years we have been manufacturing top quality sunroom and patio products. We have reliable, quality suppliers of aluminum, glass, and acrylic and we manufacture to your customers specific needs. We always invite people to compare Sheppards Sunrooms and Patio Covers with other comparable products. Our products are all engineered to meet National Building code requirements and we can document this fact. This is why our extrusions are thicker than most imported products but it doesn’t stop there. If you look at our designs you will see they add strength and make it easier to install which saves time and gives your customer a superior looking result. It is for this reason most of our dealers have been with us for years and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with them.

You could offer your customers…

  • Sunrooms to fit any space and create a safe, beautiful, low maintenance addition that will add to the enjoyment and value of their home.
  • Conservatories that offer many options, designs, sizes and materials. They give your customer a place to play, do crafts, enjoy their plants or just to have some peaceful time away.
  • Deck Enclosures that allow your customer to enjoy their decks while the weather conditions or bugs are trying to drive them indoors.
  • Patio Covers that can offer light or shade and keep your customer dry while using their deck or patio

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