Imagine enjoying your morning coffee in your sunroom or hosting a garden party amongst your tropical plants. Get the feeling of being at one with nature, no matter the weather and find the peace and comfort that your backyard brings all year long.

Enjoy a new lifestyle within your home!

Breakfast room

Reading space

Garden sanctuary
Hot-tub or deck enclosure

Home gym

 The applications are only limited by your imagination!



Sheppards can build a sunroom for you to fit any space; just provide us with your ideas and dimensions and we will create a beautiful, valuable addition to your home. Designed and constructed to provide years of enjoyment with very little maintenance – the paint on our extrusions is guaranteed for 20 years!

Internal temperatures of sunrooms is a concern that we have address and manage for each individual home.  For south/west exposures our preferred roof is an aluminum skinned foam panel with skylights to preserve the light in your room and to keep temperatures lower.

There are many options when building your sunroom:

  • Clear, bronze, or opaque white acrylic skylights
  • All the side walls have opening windows and are fully screened
  • Additional vents can be provided, or ceiling and side exhaust fans installed
  • Window glass with ultraviolet or heat transmission protection
  • Ask your local dealer about the many more options that are available!

Don’t forget sunrooms are great in the winter! Sheppards Sunrooms are used in northern Canadian climates, the sun warms a room very quickly as will a freestanding fireplace, in-floor radiant heating or a small electric heater.

Imagine how good one of these rooms would look on your home and how much enjoyment it would add to your day-to-day living!

 “Just thought I would let you know that that the heated gutter cable mounted to the base of the sunroom gutter worked very well all winter.  This past winter was also one of the worst winters in years with lots of snow and extremely cold, yet I never had any ice build-up anywhere inside of the gutter.  I very confident that I will never see a repeat of moisture wicking it’s way into the ceiling again.  I believe the moisture issue is permanently resolved for me.” W. Loberg – Calgary, AB