If you have traveled in Europe, particularly the U.K., you will have noticed many houses have conservatories.  With a climate similar to the Pacific Northwest, they have discovered the benefits of adding to their living space with a conservatory in which to play, do crafts, enjoy their plants, to get away for some personal time or as a playroom for children.

Conservatories by Sheppards come in a variety of sizes and timeless, elegant styles, all with one objective in mind; the comfort and enjoyment of you and your family.

A Victorian garden retreat is an ideal place to detach yourself from the stress of your day

  • grow plants
  • create a spa like retreat
  • enjoy the warmth on a winter day
  • escape to your own reading room
  • connect with nature in a quiet workspace

Sheppards can provide a room to meet most situations and preferences and we offer the best in environmental control for more use and comfort.

We have a variety of walls (single glazed, double glazed, or thermally broken double glazed) with additional options available (low E/UV) and custom colours for the aluminum extrusions.  Roof options are plentiful too. We would be pleased to offer suggestions keeping in mind your preferences and budget considerations.